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Pascal B & Didier B

Founded by successful entrepreneurs and experienced team, based on the development of a demo concept), FERT’s mission is to develop a new concept of electric motorcycle, more energy efficient, safe, inclusive and sustainable

Fruit of three main innovations combining: Energy efficient dual battery, Integrated mechanics with less moving part & In-wheel motor.

FERT is aslo the european leader in innovative power train and a platform for testing innovation in mobility  to extend their usage and security in the future of mobility

The Dual Racer

premium Emotorcycle

coffee racer

Ride with style & innovation

Integrated And Adjustable Mechanics: in-wheel motor and less moving parts

Tailored Electric Powertrains for

For new Motorcycles or retrofit

Rev up your ride with FERT’s expert motorcycle retrofitting! Our cutting-edge power train overhaul combining innovation, heritage and pleasure to ride. Embrace the Racer’s data-driven electronic system design, powerful motors (suspended or in-wheels), and game-changing battery packs. Plus, we handle homologation and certification like champs! Unleash the true potential of your bike with FERT !

Performant Motors

Innovative battery packs

Unleash the Electrifying Potential.



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